Philadelphia is one of the oldest planned cities in America with some of the oldest pipes and drainage systems around. It is estimated that some 20,000 homes in Philadelphia still have a lead water service running into their house. The Philadelphia Water Department has created a guide to help homeowners determine if their water service is lead or copper, see below. They also have a very informative page about lead water services found here:  Water services have two separate sections between the meter and the main in the street. There is the “house side” which is between the meter in the basement and the curb stop in the sidewalk and the “street side” which is between the curb stop in the sidewalk and the main in the street. The homeowner is responsible for both sections and lead can be found in either one section or both. If you are a Philadelphia homeowner and would like to replace your water service, we can do just that for you. If financing is an issue,  the water department recognizes that this may be a costly repair. The Philadelphia Water Department offers a 5 year, 0% interest loan to Philadelphia homeowners to replace their lead line through the HELP Loan Program.  We can help you with that process as well. Give us a call here if you need any help navigating the waters of replacing your lead water service. 215-427-3228

Lead Water Service Line Image

Example of lead water service connection. The lead pipe is the one in the bottom half of the photo.

How to check if your water serivce is lead

A visual guide from the Philadelphia Water Department to check if your water service is lead.