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Adaptive Modification Remodels

We have a great crew that preforms our Adaptive Modification remodels for the various agencies we work with.  Adaptive modification remodels are some of the most rewarding remodels  because they are truly life changing for a lot of our clients.  Most of our adaptive modification clients have a  physical and/or mental disability that may prevent them from utilizing the bathroom in an easy and accessible fashion.  Many of the disabilities make it very difficult to physically access the tub, sink and toilet, especially if they are wheelchair bound.  By providing our clients with a roll in shower to accommodate a wheelchair, drop down grab bars to assist with bending, and installing handicapped toilets and sinks can improve the quality of living.  A new bathroom that is designed specifically for our clients needs can bring a wealth of independence and comfort where it is needed most.  Check out our most recent adaptive modification remodel below.  For more information on the programs that we service visit:

Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation, Adaptive Modification

Self Determination Housing Project

Cedar Woods Care Management

BEFORE Adaptive Modification

Before Adaptive Modification

AFTER Adaptive Modification

Adaptive Modification 1

Adaptive Modification 2

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