Notice of Defect Violations Corrected

Notice of Defect What is this? Did you get a “Notice of Defect” from the PWD and you are like, huh??? Well, we are here for you. Jack Edmondson, Inc. has been correcting Notice of Defect violations since the 1980’s. We replace defective water services, curb traps, main drains and laterals.  From beginning to end, our staff is fully trained and equipped to handle your exterior plumbing needs and get you back to doing the things you would much rather be doing! Whether it’s a repair or a replacement, our philosophy is to provide you with quality customer service and get you back to normal as quickly as possible. No hassle, no sales pitches, no pressure. What is a Notice of Defect? A Notice of Defect is a violation from the Philadelphia Water Department that is notifying the homeowner of a defect in their exterior plumbing system. The Philadelphia Water Department allows 10 days for the defect to be resolved or in the process of resolution, ie: permits purchased, repairs scheduled with a plumber, etc. Homeowners in Philadelphia are responsible for the exterior plumbing from their house to the water and sewer mains in the street. Below are some typical notices of defect that we see:
  • Defective water service– Water is leaking in the street or sidewalk causing a pot hole, sinking street or sidewalk.
  • Defective curb trap and fresh air inlet-The curb trap may be shifted or disconnected causing backups or leaks
  • Defective sewer lateral– The sewage pipe from the curb to the main in the street is cracked or leaking causing a depression in the street or backups.
  • Shifted fresh air inlet– The vent pipe from the curb trap is shifted off of the trap and needs to be re-aligned.
  • Got something else listed on your notice? Give us a call and we can help your through it.

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