Boilers, Boilers, Boilers

We are winding down our winter push to install boilers for ECA (Energy Coordinating Agency)  We installed many over the past several months from high efficiency condensing boilers to steam boilers.  ECA is a great program helping those in critical need and getting them a new heating system. We are proud to work with them in this effort and thank them for all of their hard work and dedication.

I know it is hard to think about heating systems when it is 80+ degrees out, but don’t forget that PGW has upped there rebate incentives to $2000 for a high efficiency boiler and $500 for a high efficiency furnace.  Call for details 215-427-3228

Check out Miles and Billy in action at the latest  install. Nice work guys!


Miles Soldering

Billy, Finishing Touches on the Water Heater
Finished Product, Boiler and Water Heater
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