Drafty House?

Hi.. how is your winter going? Are you feeling drafty spots in your house? Cold damp air? Is your thermostat set at 72 but the temperture changes from room to room?  Possibly you are interested in an home audit. What is a home audit you ask? A home audit looks at your house as a whole specimen and determines how it is functioning under extreme and daily weather conditions.  Pretty much every old house leaks all that hard earned cash you are spending on you  heating bill…. but how much of that heat is slipping through the cracks… how can you keep that heat INSIDE the house?  That is where an audit comes in. With their handy tools and fancy technology, auditors can determine just that and more.  At the end of their journey through your house they will give you a report and suggest ways in which you can improve your efficiency. Sometimes it includes air sealing and insulation. Sometimes it may include new windows or updated heat and cooling systems.  Sometimes you might be surprised by the lack of healthy air circulating in your home.

Interested? Call Energy Works   for a discounted audit of $150… usually $400!  215-609-1052.  Or fill out an inquiry here.  Remember to tell them I sent ya.  😉


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