Garbage Disposals

While driving to work the last couple weeks I have been hearing about Philly Streets Department “Clean Kitchen, Clean Community” and how they are trying to promote the use of garbage disposals to help the city create compost and less food waste in garbage cans and ultimately land fills.  It seems there is quite an interesting debate going on out there about the “green-ness” of garbage disposals and if they really do create less waste.  The Streets Department is running a test campaign by providing 100 Insinkerator garbage disposals to Point Breeze and West Oak Lane residents to see how much food waste is being diverted from landfills.  In the meantime, they are also offering a voucher for a $20 Visa gift card to anyone who purchases a garbage disposal between 6/1/12 – 9/30/12.  I will be interested to see what the test campaign results are.  I would also be interested to see if the city leans towards an organics pick-up like the used to do in the old days.  Back in the day when the milk man delivered milk and the horseradish man would come by and shave off fresh horseradish at your door step the city used to pick up all your kitchen scraps…. not sure what they did with it back then, but I am sure we could create on helluva good compost that can be picked up for free by community gardeners and such.  I will keep you posted!

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