Sometimes the city will issue homeowners a Notice of Defect which informs them that somewhere between the house and the street there is an issue with their plumbing. In Philadelphia the homeowner is responsible for all of the piping from the house to the main in the street, this includes the sewer lateral, main drain, ferrule, curb trap, vent pipe, vent box and any fittings that are needed.   Generally the Water Department will get a report from a cave in or will have some other visual indicator such as a leak in a neighbors basement or water coming up from the ground that will prompt them to investigate what problems may be lurking underground.  At this time, they have several ways of testing the system without digging … and if they determine the problem lies in your domain… well, then its pretty certain that you will need to remedy whatever it is the city claims is ailing the pipes.

Occasionally a Notice of Defect can be erroneous.  But more often than not, you will need to replace, repair or unclog whatever it is the City is requesting.  If you received a Notice of Defect, call today to schedule an appointment for Jack to come out and take a look.  215-427-3228


Notice of Defect