Oil to Gas

We recently installed a new oil heater for a program called ECA. The pictures you are about to see are taken from the same spot. Look at how incredibly large the old boiler was!!!It could have heated the whole block!

BEFORE:                                                            AFTER:

HUGE Oil Boiler       Modern Oil Boiler










Back in the day oil was so cheap that people installed extremely over sized boilers because it didn’t matter to them to size units properly.  Nowadays, oil ain’t so cheap… not at 4 buck a gallon and it you are gonna stay with oil you might as well have a unit that is properly sized.  Experts predict that oil as a primary heating source will go by the wayside as did coal.  I could see that when I went to a PECO conference in November and saw these shocking numbers: In order for oil to compare with natural gas’ current rate of .96/ccf  it would need to be $1.29/gallon. Take a look for yourself:


If you are interested in getting a quote to convert your oil to gas, give us a call. 215-427-3228


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