PECO Rebates

Hello to all my suburban clients! PECO has a “special” rebate going on until July 31, 2012 for CURRENT GAS customers who want to convert their main heating source from an alternative fuel type to gas. Instead of the regular $400 rebate they doubling the bonus and offering an $800 rebate! This is great news for anyone who is currently a PECO gas customer but does not use gas for their main source of heat. You may either have oil (which I am sure you are happy winter is over!) or electric. Either way, you would qualify for the additional $400 bonus.  If you decide to upgrade to a high efficiency heating unit, they will throw in another $300 rounding out this deal to $1100 in rebates!  Not bad if you ask me!

Don’t worry my suburban clients who are not PECO gas customers yet… they are still offering the $400 rebate for converting to gas and if you install several appliances within the first year they will drastically reduce the cost of the gas line installation. I did this last year and it is totally worth it. I think they charged me $98 for the gas line. Since then we have installed a gas range , a Bimini 95%+ gas high efficient boiler and the Bimini Buddy Mega Stor gas water heater.  I hope to install a gas washer and dryer this summer. So I have been there, done that. Let me know if you have any questions! 215-427-3228

Here is the scoop for the PECO rebates: PECO Rebates


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