Sewer Lateral

You never really think about your plumbing much until (A. it stops working and you have a couple inches of sewer water in your basement or (B. you get a notice of defect from the City of Philadelphia telling you that your plumbing is broken and you are about to get a couple of inches of sewer water in your basement. So what’s the deal with that? You go your whole life happily oblivious to the underground network of pipes, sewers laterals, water services and main sewers that transport potable and non-potable water (that’s plumbers talk for drinkable and well, water you would never want to drink) in, out and around the city ….. when BAM disaster strikes and you have a river in your basement.  It can be pretty disorienting.  Now, not only do you need to clean out your basement, but you need to educate yourself on the whole process of plumbing and how to get this thing fixed.. like now! Well, luckily Jack has spent the past 34 years doing all of that homework for you, so you can relax a little bit because you found us and now you are in good hands.  We have been replacing and repairing sewer laterals, water services and main drains since 1979. We are very efficient and we take our work seriously ensuring every job is done properly and safely. Not bragging, just sayin.. we are pretty great at what we do.  🙂

Don’t fret. Call today and we can help you get back on the road to being happy.


Leon with a bucket full of dirt
Replacing a Sewer Lateral


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