Tankless Water Heater

For a long time we did not recommend tankless water heaters to families with more that 3 people in the household. Mainly because the system could not keep up with the American demand for hot water. Let’s be honest with ourselves… we like to run dishwashers, washing machines AND have 2 people taking showers all at the same time… AND expect piping hot water to flow freely from the tap! Right? Well, many tankless water heaters could not keep up and homeowners would experience what is known as “the cold water sandwich”. Until now….
The Navien “A” model is the only tankless water heater currently on the market that offers internal insulated buffer tank and a recirculation pump which provides a continuous and uninterrupted flow of hot water. The small buffer tank does exactly what it sounds like. It buffers the system to allow a continuous flow of hot water when the call for demand is high. Some other key features of the Navien “A” model are that existing gas lines can be used with the tankless system, and 2″ PVC venting can be used for faster installation by letting you run inside most existing flue chases instead of running a new one, The Navien “A” model also boasts dual stainless steel heat exchangers which provide longer life expectancy as they are highly resistant to corrosion and erosion compared to copper heat exchangers.
We did our own tests by running 4 shower heads simultaneously for an extended period of time and to our satisfaction we had hot water the entire time. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
So, we are now on board with the tankless water heater whether you are a single guy or gal or if you have a gaggle of kids. Call today to set up an estimate, 215-427-3228


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