Alternative to Central Air

With the summer heat and humidity creeping upon us, you may be considering the purchase of a central air conditioning system. Central Air is a a wonderful addition to a home, making it a more comfortable and healthy environment to live in… but it come with a very big price tag.  An alternative to installing all of that duct work is a Ductless Mini Split System, also known as a Ductless System.  The Ductless Split system is a great option if you are tired of the noisy, space hogging window units but are not interested in ripping apart your entire house to install the duct work that is needed for a central air system.  The Ductless Split system has an indoor evaporator that can be installed on the wall or ceiling and many brands provide a whisper quiet operation while maintaining a comfortable and cool temperature. The outdoor condensing unit in generally integrated with the indoor unit through refrigerant line and inter-unit wiring via a small 3-4″ hole.  Installation prices vary depending on the unit size and number of units, but you can expect it to be far less than Central Air. This option is perfect way to keep your Philadelphia row home crisp and cool all summer long.  Call today to schedule a free estimate. 215-427-3228

ductless mini split

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