Maintaining Your Air Conditioning

I just read a nice article from the website about maintaining your air conditioner to operate at its optimal level. The article can be found here.

Here are some highlights from the article:

Replace your filters regularly. Depending on your unique circumstances this may mean you need to replace your air conditioning filter once per year or once per month.  If your home is a vacation home that is only used a few times per year, you may be ok with changing the filter once per year. But if your home is lived in daily and you have pets or live in in a high pollen area, you may find yourself changing your filter once per month. Check your filter regularly to ensure the longevity and proper functionality of your air conditioning unit.

“You should minimize dirt and debris near the condenser unit. Your dryer vents, falling leaves, and lawn mower are all potential sources of dirt and debris. Cleaning the area around the coil, removing any debris, and trimming foliage back at least 2 feet (0.6 meters) allow for adequate airflow around the condenser.”

“When your air conditioner needs more than regular maintenance, hire a professional service technician. A well-trained technician will find and fix problems in your air conditioning system.”

Protect your investment, have your air conditioner maintenanced yearly by a professional… like us!

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