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Drain Cleaning Experts

Jack Edmondson Inc. has the power and expertise to clear ANY drain line loaded with grease, dirt or debris.  We will send a tech out to access your clogged drain with our cache of drain cleaning tools! Line locators, video inspection cameras, line tracers, snakes and of course the Jet Set Typhoon can all be

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Garbage Disposals

While driving to work the last couple weeks I have been hearing about Philly Streets Department “Clean Kitchen, Clean Community” and how they are trying to promote the use of garbage disposals to help the city create compost and less food waste in garbage cans and ultimately land fills.  It seems there is quite an

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Backflow Preventers

RPZ, DCV, FS, DS, Cross Connections, Backflows, water meters OH MY!  Have you recently received a notice from the Philadelphia Water Department informing you that your need to have your annual test for your backflow prevention assembly?  What is this curious device you ask? Well, a backflow preventer is an extremely important device that protects

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Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

Over here at Jack Edmondson Inc. we specialize in drain cleaning technology. We offer a variety of  drain cleaning services including Hydro Jet drain cleaning, camera inspection with DVD and cable cleaning. Schedule the Jet-Set Typhoon to hydro blast your lines clear with 2500 PSI and 12 gallons of water per minute… grease, sediment and

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