Curb Trap

Did you get a notice of defect from the Philadelphia Water Department?  Does it say that your curb trap is defective?  Are you asking yourself, “What is a curb trap and why do I care if it is defective?”

A curb trap is a u shaped pipe that connects to your main drain and lateral. Its primary function is to keep sewer gas from entering the house from the main drain.  There is also a vent associated with the curb trap that allows fresh air to circulate through the system.  The curb trap in commonly confused with the term curb stop. A curb stop is totally different from a curb trap. It is a valve on the water service line and  that can be turned off if work needs to be preformed on the line or there is a leak.  This valve can be accessed from a curb box that is located in the sidewalk.

But, I digress… Replacing a curb trap involves obtaining permits from the city, digging up the street and or sidewalk and communicating with the Streets Department to repave the street. So, it is best to do your homework and choose a contractor who knows what they are doing… good thing you found us 🙂


Materials to replace the curb trap
Materials to replace the curb trap





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