South Philly Plumber

Hello to my South Philadelphia friends! I wanted to make a special shout out and extend our appreciation to you all. We have always worked all of Philadelphia’s zipcodes, but lately South Philly has been a constant on our map and we are happy to be out there assisting home owners with all of their plumbing and heating needs. Many thanks go out to the prominent google group “Kids of South Washington” for recommending us to their friends and neighbors. It’s great to see that good old fashion word of mouth is alive and well!

We are happy to report a beautiful bathroom renovation, a comprehensive energy efficient home retrofit, several heater installs and countless service calls.  Keep on keepin on South Philly!

With love,

Jack Edmondson, Inc.

PS: The feature photo above is from Etsy store: Philamapco buy yours for $15!


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