Curb Trap

Notice of Defect

Sometimes the city will issue homeowners a Notice of Defect which informs them that somewhere between the house and the street there is an issue with their plumbing. In Philadelphia the homeowner is responsible for all of the piping from the house to the main in the street, this includes the sewer lateral, main drain,

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Curb Trap Saturday

Last weekend we had an emergency curb trap replacement. You know, no problem…on a Saturday in 95 degrees… no sweat. Ok, so maybe there was a lot of sweat, but otherwise everything went as planned.  Eventually old cast iron and terracotta piping erode over time or get cracked and roots begin to grow inside causing

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Curb Trap

Did you get a notice of defect from the Philadelphia Water Department?  Does it say that your curb trap is defective?  Are you asking yourself, “What is a curb trap and why do I care if it is defective?” A curb trap is a u shaped pipe that connects to your main drain and lateral.

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Curb Traps

Here at Jack Edmondson, Inc. we have been digging up the streets for over 30 years replacing curb traps, main drains and water services. Weather you need a new install, repair or replacement you can feel confident in trusting us to take good care of you. All prices include any permit fees and inspection requirements.

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In the Field: Curb Traps, Water Services, Sewer Laterals and Main Drain Line Replacement

We do a lot of curb traps, water services , sewer laterals and main drain line replacements around here at Jack Edmondson Inc. Probably about 3 a week!  Most of these replacements are pretty serious jobs and the trench can be as deep as 16 feet.   There is a lot of finesse and skill involved

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