Plumbing Tidbits

Backflow Preventer

You always know when the city is up to something when we start getting very specific calls for very specific things. In the past 2 years or so, the city has really ramped up its efforts to ensure our drinking water is safe.  They are now requiring all businesses to install a backflow preventer and

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Notice of Defect

Sometimes the city will issue homeowners a Notice of Defect which informs them that somewhere between the house and the street there is an issue with their plumbing. In Philadelphia the homeowner is responsible for all of the piping from the house to the main in the street, this includes the sewer lateral, main drain,

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Commercial Drain Cleaning

Slow drains? Clogged pipes?  Well, you have come to the right place. Here at Jack Edmondson Inc, we have one of the best commercial drain cleaning technicians around. Our Commercial Drain Cleaning Services Include: Trace and Locate Any Line Camera Inspection with DVD Cable Machine High Pressure Water Jet Call today to schedule your service!

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Curb Trap Saturday

Last weekend we had an emergency curb trap replacement. You know, no problem…on a Saturday in 95 degrees… no sweat. Ok, so maybe there was a lot of sweat, but otherwise everything went as planned.  Eventually old cast iron and terracotta piping erode over time or get cracked and roots begin to grow inside causing

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New Water Heater

PGW has just launched a gas Water Heater Credit for customers switching from electric, oil or some other alternative fuel source  to gas. This program is very similar to their heating source credit in that you will receive either a $200 or $500 credit to your account for switching to gas and installing a new

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Sewer Lateral

You never really think about your plumbing much until (A. it stops working and you have a couple inches of sewer water in your basement or (B. you get a notice of defect from the City of Philadelphia telling you that your plumbing is broken and you are about to get a couple of inches

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